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SAFE, the leading model for lean-agile at scale

ADJUGO is the leading specialist in Belgium in training in the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe and related topics. We provide public classroom training (see calendar) as well as in-house training on demand. We are certified for the following SAFe offcial training modules.

Leading SAFe

Leading SAFe gives a general introdcution of the SAFe model. The public training is aimed at senior consultants and managers, who will be involved in starting and supporting a SAFe implementation.

You get to know the working of the SAFe model in all its aspects. The training has an interest well beyond the SAFe framework itself, as you get a very clear insight in a model that marries agile, lean, systems thinking, lean startup ideas and lean-agile budgeting into a consistent whole. SAFe provides answers not only to the scaling of agile, but also to questions where other models fail: how to manage your portfolio, how to integrate innovation, how to run programs, how to synchronize teams.

Adjugo frequently organizes Leading SAFe sessions, please refer to our training calendar.   More details

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